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Creative RockNRoller® Multi-Cart Customization for a More Productive Lifestyle

Anything that helps provide convenience for location photographers is a great thing. Nowadays, more and more aspiring and professional photographers are understanding the use of a utility cart, enough to fully incorporate it into their gear kits for improved portability and more efficient workflows.The RockNRoller® Multi-Cart, for example, may look like a regular cart with four wheels, but it is actually praised for its ability to be used on all kinds of terrain, as well as its innovative shelving options and foldable construction. In fact, people are now using them for mobilizing other kinds of gear, such as music equipment..  - Read More

RnR supports Hurricane Harvey victims

As the hometown of RocknRoller Multi-Cart founder and inventor Gary-Michael Dahl, Houston TX is also our home, and our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. To help show our support, we'll be donating 5% of all sales on our site to The Houston Food Bank, between 8/28 and 9/18. Together we can make a difference!  - Read More

Rock-n-Roller Multi-Cart in Beach Wedding Gig

Wedding on the beach? Sounds like a lovely place for such an event. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. In this particular situation, parking your car on the beach is not an option and lugging your music equipment through the opposing sand sounds absolutely dreadful. To make matters worse, the wind is strong enough to distort the music and there is no electricity – everything must be battery powered! This is what is referred to as an “extremely tough load in”! Luckily, the R14 was on site and ready to be put to use. With the help of the 8-in-1..  - Read More

Tow Your Cart Anywhere!

Loading and unloading equipment for an eight piece band is no simple task (especially when the stage is a ¼ mile from the parking lot!) See cart inventor Gary-Michael Dahl tow all his gear behind a golf cart – Thanks to Rock n’ Roller model R14, equipped with Groundglider 6”x3” casters and 8”x3” rear wheels. “Man, I love these new wheels……you can roll heavy gear over anything!!! Groundgliders are the best cart wheels I ever designed and best I’ve ever seen!!!” We are glad the cart (and your creativity) made the show successful and less stressful!  - Read More

Rock-N-Roller® Multi-Cart® Goes Off-Road!

Rock-N-Roller® Multi-Cart® officially announces the arrival of the new Ground Glider series of carts and casters for rough terrain. The line includes 2 new, off-road ready cart models – R16RT and R18RT, as well as a growing collection of caster upgrades for other Rock-N-Roller® cart models. Growing on the success of the flagship R12RT, Both the R16RT and R18RT boast extra-wide Ground Glider front casters, wider rear wheels, 25% larger frame tubing, and high weight capacities to make transporting heavy loads over difficult terrain such as grass, sand, dirt, gravel and soft carpeting easier than ever.Cart model R16RT is designed..  - Read More

Rock-N-Roller® Multi-Cart® Expands In Video, Photography and Pro-Audio Marketplace

Leading professional equipment cart manufacturer Rock-N-Roller Multi-Cart is rapidly gaining popularity and expanding its reach into the pro-audio, broadcasting, photo and videography markets. Renowned for their outstanding versatility, Rock-N-Roller Carts easily transform into 8 different configurations, and accommodate virtually any load. This unique adaptability, in combination with specialized accessories designed for audio, video and photography professionals has made Rock-N-Roller Multi-Cart the go-to solution for the professional film and video industries. With 7 models with weight capacities ranging between 200 to 700 lbs, and specialized models for off-road use (model R-12), small spaces (model R-2), and heavy-duty loads (model R-14), Rock-N-Roller..  - Read More

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