Rock-n-Roller Multi-Cart in Beach Wedding Gig


Wedding on the beach? Sounds like a lovely place for such an event.

Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. In this particular situation, parking your car on the beach is not an option and lugging your music equipment through the opposing sand sounds absolutely dreadful. To make matters worse, the wind is strong enough to distort the music and there is no electricity – everything must be battery powered! This is what is referred to as an “extremely tough load in”!

Luckily, the R14 was on site and ready to be put to use. With the help of the 8-in-1 utility cart, all equipment was easily and safely transported to the site on the beach where the wedding as being held. The R14RT is capable of a load capacity of up to 700 lbs. If load capacity is your priority, the Rock-n-Roller R14RT is the industrial strength, heavy-duty workhorse you need. The casters and wheels on this particular model are designed to navigate just about any terrain, including gravel, grass, or other uneven surfaces with ease.

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  • Leah Murphy