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Creative RockNRoller® Multi-Cart Customization for a More Productive Lifestyle

Anything that helps provide convenience for location photographers is a great thing. Nowadays, more and more aspiring and professional photographers are understanding the use of a utility cart, enough to fully incorporate it into their gear kits for improved portability and more efficient workflows.

The RockNRoller® Multi-Cart, for example, may look like a regular cart with four wheels, but it is actually praised for its ability to be used on all kinds of terrain, as well as its innovative shelving options and foldable construction. In fact, people are now using them for mobilizing other kinds of gear, such as music equipment for musicians and DJs, furniture, office equipment, and for other heavy duty applications.

Below, we’ve listed some of the benefits of using a cart like RockNRoller® Multi-Cart:

Benefits of Using a RockNRoller® Multi-Cart

Safe and Convenient Gear Transportation

Photographers use the multi-cart whenever they have to bring a substantial amount of equipment anywhere outside their homes or studios. RockNRoller® Multi-Cart even offers a few upgraded wheels with brakes that allow you to safely slide the cart along uneven terrain. And since you won’t have to handle your gear by hand or transport them using regular carts, there’s a significantly lower risk of your gear getting damaged or falling off. Plus, it fits (and looks presentable) even in hotel elevators.

Saves Time

As you may have guessed, the RockNRoller® Multi-Cart can save you a lot of time as it keeps you from making multiple trips from your car to the location. You can simply load your gear onto the cart at least once and use more of the time for setting up your equipment.

Doubles as a Tethering Desk

Your RockNRoller® Multi-Cart can come with a dedicated laptop shelf that can turn it into a tethering if need be. Even the standard top shelf can serve as a platform for your laptop, in case you need to create a simple tethered shooting setup while on location. This saves you money and space as you no longer have to spend on a separate, expensive tethering desk that adds to the bulk.

Multiple Home Uses

Sturdy, heavy-duty, RockNRoller® Multi-Carts work great as furniture movers for your home. Smaller, space-saving carts also have countless uses for the home—as a bedside table, clothes and storage, bathroom shelf, dining room dish and utensil cart, mobile baby essentials cart, compact bookshelf, occasional party cart, and virtually anywhere you may need some extra storage.

Carless Grocery Shopping

Using an open RockNRoller® Multi-Cart allows you to easily bring home heavy grocery bags and boxes—

straight from the grocery store. As a bonus, it eliminates the need for you to bring a car every time, so you can exercise, save gas, and contribute to a healthier environment.

Labor Applications

There’s no reason not to utilize a reliable RockNRoller® Multi-Cart for moving small office furniture like chairs, side tables, and small drawer cabinets, as well as a few warehouse supplies and equipment. At the same time, it’s the perfect tool for contractors and repairmen who are known to lug around heavy equipment like cables, stacks of blueprints, and tools to multiple locations.

Whether you bought a small-sized multi-level cart or a fully customizable multi-cart from RockNRoller® Multi-Cart, you’re sure to find it useful in your everyday life. 

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