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Mighty Mite has been selling dog show carts/crate dollies to dog show & dog sport enthusiasts for nearly a decade. Proud authorized dealer of Multi-Carts to the dog world!

The professional dog training, show and performance market has many facets and dog professionals have a myriad of uses for their Multi-Carts. Mighty Mite Dog Gear has been selling the Multi-Cart as a dog show cart/crate dolly to dog professionals all over the United States and Canada across a wide range of dog sports, helping hundreds of customers pick just the right cart for their needs. Conformation exhibiters/ dog show handlers often need carts to wheel groomed dogs into shows. Dog Agility handlers need carts to wheel shade tents onto muddy fields. Flyball clubs wheel jumps and boxes into tournament facilities. Dog training clubs and breed clubs wheel gates, fencing and equipment using our carts!

The folks at Mighty Mite are dog professionals, trainers and exhibitors, and use these carts themselves. What’s more, they have been with Multi-Cart almost since the beginning! No matter what the dog sport or activity, indoor or outdoor shows, big or small dogs, the folks at Mighty Mite know Multi-Carts and know which one best suits their customers’ needs. If you would like to buy a Multi-Cart for a dog related activity, give them a call: 888-528-3414. Customer service reps are happy to provide expert advice.

Visit Mighty Mite Dog Gear at www.mightymitedoggear.com

Mighty Mite Dog Gear

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  • Alex Bryceson