Gary Stanionis new hit single “Hey Lady” featuring Will Donato & Jay Gore


World-class percussionist Gary Stanionis is no stranger to the Contemporary Jazz scene. He has been Jakiem Joyner’s touringpercussionist since 2006, and is a first call percussionist and drummer for some of the top artists in the smooth jazz genre, including Greg Manning, Vince Ingala, Oli Silk and Will Donato to name a few. After working with these infamous artists for more than 15 years, Gary has decided to make his own move and take the stage as a solo artist with his debut single “Hey Lady”. His new single that is already being played across the country was inspired by his beautiful wife Johanna and features Gary’s signature world percussion playing as well as his drum set groove.

His new single “Hey Lady” featuring Will Donato and Jay Gore will be played on the radio come April 14th so look out for this HOT track!

For those in and around LA, Gary will be having a Release Party on May 24th at Spaghetti Jazz Club so go support if your schedule is open!


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  • Alex Bryceson