Rock-N-Roller® Multi-Cart® Expands In Video, Photography and Pro-Audio Marketplace


Leading professional equipment cart manufacturer Rock-N-Roller Multi-Cart is rapidly gaining popularity and expanding its reach into the pro-audio, broadcasting, photo and videography markets. Renowned for their outstanding versatility, Rock-N-Roller Carts easily transform into 8 different configurations, and accommodate virtually any load. This unique adaptability, in combination with specialized accessories designed for audio, video and photography professionals has made Rock-N-Roller Multi-Cart the go-to solution for the professional film and video industries.

With 7 models with weight capacities ranging between 200 to 700 lbs, and specialized models for off-road use (model R-12), small spaces (model R-2), and heavy-duty loads (model R-14), Rock-N-Roller carts deliver the functionality that audio and video professionals require, on set, or in the field. All terrain cart model R-12 is popular for it’s ability to easily navigate grass, dirt, floor cables, and small obstacles. The R-12 conveniently expands from 34 inches up to 52 inches, and features 4 R-Trac run-flat tires. This cart carries up to 500 pounds, but weighs a mere 34 pounds. The cart can be used fully extended to haul equipment to a location, then shortened and mounted with a shelf system for use as a mobile workstation.

Accessories such as the 2-tier Multi-Media shelf, laptop shelf and deck kit offer infinite options for cart customization, and create highly functional spaces for every piece of gear needed. Uniquely designed for audio and video applications, the Multi-Media shelf measures 24” by 36” on the main work shelf, and the upper “hutch” measures 10” by 36”. Both shelves are carpeted, and the unit easily bolts onto the two upright handles of the cart for fast setup.

In addition to being highly functional when in active use, Rock-N-Roller carts are lightweight and fold down small for storage and transport. “What I love about the Rock-N-Roller is its ability to disassemble for shipping” says experienced Production Sound Mixer Fred Ginsburg CAS. “The two upright sides fold flat, the lightweight frame telescopes, and the shelves can nestle under the frame to keep everything compact, neat and tidy. It will fit into most small vehicles”

Rock-N-Roller Multi-Cart is now available through photo, video and audio product retailers serving the creative professional community.

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  • Alex Bryceson