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RocknRoller’s Warped Tour “Trial by Combat”

This just in from Jesse Grossman whose band, “Trial by Combat” finally played the Warped Tour and discovered how the RocknRoller can be the most important piece of gear on their equipment list.

Jesse, his RocknRoller, and the band wait to take the stage.

Jesse, his RocknRoller, and the band wait to take the stage.

It seemed as though years of hard work and persistence finally paid off. But just getting the Warped Tour gig was only the beginning.

After driving hundreds of miles in the wee hours of the night, at 9AM we finally arrived at our destination. We were then flagged in like an airplane landing strip to the back parking lot where we were instructed to follow what seemed like an endless caravan of tour buses, Semi’s, and Band Trailers. Once Parked (1/8 mile from the main gates), we began to ask ourselves, How do we get all our gear from the trailer all the way to the Ernie Ball Stage? And to top it off, through loose gravel parking lots, grass lawns, and hundreds of people!

As I looked around, I started watching how other bands were adjusting to this dilemma. Some bands had done their homework and fashioned different innovative options from Dollies, and hand trucks, to plywood boards with wheels. Others were just carrying and dragging their gear, taking many trips. I couldn’t help but grin as I pulled my Rock N Roller Cart from the trailer.

Putting the Rock N Roller cart into use proved to be perhaps easiest part of the gig. In just two trips and a total of twenty minutes, we had moved all our gear and merchandise to the designated locations with minimal fuss. The cart was stacked as high as our heads and moved and turned with ease through everything it encountered. It also turned the road crew into “believers”. No Back aches, No pit stains, No worries!

Kudos to the Rock N Roller Cart! A must-have for any working band or musician! Check one out! Trust me… your back will thank you later!

-Jesse Grossmann

(Trial By Combat)

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