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Gary Stanionis new hit single “Hey Lady” featuring Will Donato & Jay Gore

World-class percussionist Gary Stanionis is no stranger to the Contemporary Jazz scene. He has been Jakiem Joyner’s touringpercussionist since 2006, and is a first call percussionist and drummer for some of the top artists in the smooth jazz genre, including Greg Manning, Vince Ingala, Oli Silk and Will Donato to name a few. After working with these infamous artists for more than 15 years, Gary has decided to make his own move and take the stage as a solo artist with his debut single “Hey Lady”. His new single that is already being played across the country was inspired by his beautiful wife Johanna and features Gary’s..  - Read More

Rock-N-Roller names Fred Ginsburg CAS as new Manufacturer’s Rep

Ace Products, the United States distributor for the line of Rock N Roller® Multi-carts, has named renowned Hollywood sound mixer, educator, and consultant Fred Ginsburg CAS PhD as their new, national Manufacturer’s Representative for the Film and Video Production industries. Dr. Ginsburg worked with Rock N Roller® founder and president Gary Dahl to develop a factory produced 2-tier workshelf system to mate with their legendary R12RT all-terrain equipment cart. This new cart configuration, dubbed the Multi-Media Production Cart, is ideal for use as a location sound cart, video cart, or DIT station. “For years, I have used the Rock N Roller as..  - Read More

Featured Dealer – Mighty Mite Dog Gear

Mighty Mite has been selling dog show carts/crate dollies to dog show & dog sport enthusiasts for nearly a decade. Proud authorized dealer of Multi-Carts to the dog world! The professional dog training, show and performance market has many facets and dog professionals have a myriad of uses for their Multi-Carts. Mighty Mite Dog Gear has been selling the Multi-Cart as a dog show cart/crate dolly to dog professionals all over the United States and Canada across a wide range of dog sports, helping hundreds of customers pick just the right cart for their needs. Conformation exhibiters/ dog show handlers..  - Read More

Rock-n-Roller On the Set Of Johnny Depp Film Transcendence

This modified Rock-n-Roller Multi-Cart appears on the set of the new Paul Bettany, Jonny Depp film tentatively titled “Transcendence,” directed by Wally Pfister. This heavy-duty R-12 cart has been modified to accomodate even larger loads for the films on-set stand-by painter  - Read More

New Heavy Duty Utility Cart from Rock-n-Roller® Multi-Cart

Rock-n-Roller Multi-Cart introduces the new model R14, designed to transport up to 700 pounds per trip. Multi-Cart users consider their carts to be the most critical piece of equipment for transporting gear, and until now, the maximum load capacity for Rock-n-Roller Multi-Carts was 500 pounds. The new model R14 features a variety of structural enhancements, which contribute to it’s added stability and weight bearing capacity. The frame extends from 42” to 60” in length (almost 20% longer than the R8, R10 and R12 models), and the frame bed width has been increased an additional 11% to provide more stability for..  - Read More

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