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Featured Dealer – Gelb Music

Gelb Music percussion department manager Don Frank has worked at Gelb since 1992, and is proud to sell Rock-n-Roller Multi-Carts in his store. For over 70 years, the dedicated staff of musicians at Gelb Music have been assisting pros and beginners alike in getting the gear they need. As an inventive and devoted music shop manager, Don has discovered that when it comes to certain products, like Rock-n-Roller Multi-Carts, seeing is believing. Don creatively showcases Rock-n-Roller carts “in action”, so everyone who visits his shop can see how handy these easy-to-use utility carts can be. Don says: “What I see..  - Read More

Fred Ginsburg of EQE Media & Consulting on Rock-n-Roller Multi-carts

At the last winter NAMM Show (2012, Anaheim CA), I had one of my soundcarts on display in the Tascam booth, where I was doing presentations about the HS-P82 recorder. The owner of the Rock N Roller Multicart company stopped by, and was intrigued by the modifications that I had made to his original design in order to convert the cart for film/video applications. He invited me to help him design a new accessory shelf unit that would satisfy the needs of sound mixers and videographers. In just a couple months time, he shipped me the newly designed cart, ready..  - Read More

COMING SOON! New R14 rated at 700 pounds!

RocknRoller® Multi-Cart® 8-in-1 Equipment Transporters introduces the new model R14 Macro designed to transport up to 700 pounds in one trip. The frame extends from 42” to 60” in length (almost 20% longer than the R8, R10 and R12 models), and the frame bed width has been increased an additional 11% to provide more stability for over-sized cargo. The steel tubing that makes up the frame is also 25% larger to handle increased load stress. A shortened rear foldable side allows extremely long cargo to overhang the frame while making the cart lighter and easier to operate as a 2-wheeler...  - Read More

Sunny Jim Rocks With RocknRoller

A regular on Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Margaritaville, Sunny Jim has been an invited performer for “Meeting of the Minds,” the annual national Parrot Head Convention held in Key West, FL. He has also hosted fellow tropical troubadors at his yearly Sunday Songwriter’s Showcase at Blue Heaven, which has become a “must-attend” event for many wrapping up a wild weekend in Key West. Sunny Jim is also host of the annual Six String Music Festival in New Orleans. Here’s what he has to say about his RocknRoller: “I just love the solid clank of the handles snapping into place, and the way the extension stopping button pops into place when you extend the cart. After a..  - Read More

Daniel talks about BOTH of his RocknRollers!

ALL FAME AND GLAMOUR? NOT. It could be a concert with Earth Wind and Fire or Don Henley (10,000) people. It could be a Rock or Jazz club, a corporate event or a wedding. If I have to cart my own gear, my Rock N Roller cart goes with me everywhere. There are certain pieces of equipment that I never part with and the Rock N Roller cart is one of them, oh… and my Toyota, Sienna Van.   The cart that I have been using religiously for about five years now is the R10 ( Max ). Besides being compact and..  - Read More

Music Gear to Everyday Life!

Reunion Blues is more than just an instrument case company, they are a team of working musicians who have to haul equipment around just like you. However, your back is your back regardless of what you are hauling and this video demonstrates how these carts can be used for EVERYTHING you do! See it by clicking HERE. Thanks from our pals at Reunion Blues!  - Read More

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