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New RocknRoller® Multi-Cart® RT Series With R-Trac Wheels

RocknRoller® Multi-Cart® 8-in-1 Equipment Transporters introduces the new RT models featuring innovative R-Trac no-flat wheels and casters. R-Trac wheels are designed to offer distinct advantages over typical pneumatic, solid rubber or urethane wheels, the most important being no air leaks, low rolling resistance and lighter weight.R-Track wheels offer a smooth pneumatic-like ride and feature a high-strength polymer hub for up to 30% lighter weight than traditional air-filled tires or solid wheels. As a result, RocknRoller® Multi-Cart® RT models are up to 10% lighter weight with the same load capacity as previous models. This makes the critically acclaimed carts even more..  - Read More

Paul Miller’s Vintage RocknRoller® still rolling!

DFW drummer Paul Miller has a Rocknroller® that’s older than dirt and still going strong. Look at the way he has his gear loading down to a science. This is a GREAT example of how most Rocknroller® users can move ALL their gear in only one trip! Thanks Paul!  - Read More

Heavy is heavy.

While these carts are great for moving drums, PA gear, DJ gear and all sorts of band equipment, they also come in handy around your house and business. Check out this example!  - Read More

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