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Why do DJs love RocknRoller?

DJ Dr. Drax, President & National Director of the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA) will tell you DJs love RocknRoller because they make life so much easier for his DJ Members. RocknRollers help DJs move all their gear in one trip… an absolute essential in the real world of hauling equipment from gig to gig. Here, the good Doctor is giving away a RocknRoller to a lucky winner during a drawing at the recent Mobile Beat Show in Las Vegas. Click HERE to see how RocknRoller can be used as a sales incentive. Click HERE to see how a successful DJ retailer uses RocknRoller as..  - Read More

Harmony Central & RocknRoller

We heard through the industry grape vine that our pals at Harmony Central posted our latest information about a very handy new accessory option. Here is the latest press release on that site, introducing yet another update to an already way cool product.  - Read More

RocknRoller as Sales Incentive!

NAME, the National Association of Mobile Entertainers, attended the annual Mobile Beat convention in Las Vegas last month and offered two RocknRoller carts as an incentive for show attendees to sign up as new NAME members. – What a great idea! – If you are a RocknRoller dealer, take a tip from our friends at NAME and use the RocknRoller cart in a store drawing, or bundle it with a PA or DJ outfit to help you sell more of everything in your inventory! – Special thanks to NAME for sending us these great photos.   - Read More

Marty moves it, Hollywood style!

Marty Krystall says: How to shlep 2 contrabass clarinets (Bb & Eb), baritone and tenor and soproano  saxes, a set of clarinets + eb and bass clarinet and 4 flutes -piccolo thru bass, and all the stands from the parking structure at Paramount (across the steet) to the scoring stage over a block away? Get the Multicart by RockNRoller. And hope you actually get to play all those horns they told you to bring! Nine doubles! – CLICK HERE!   - Read More

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