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Outstanding in the field!

This is a band director’s dream come true. Look at those big fat air-filled tires that won’t sink in the mud like small metal wheels. These are all-terrain tires that make small work of a rough surface like grass and gravel. – Two tall side rails and an expandable platform brings a mountain of music gear from the band room to the field. Aftr the performance, you can fold this unit into a space small enough to fit under the bus or neatly away in the trunk of your car! – (Special thanks to McKendree U. and to the Petaluma High School music..  - Read More

More than just an equipment cart.

Our friends at World of Stereo have a clever idea for DJ and Music dealers with walk-by traffic. Maher Martha, manager of the Petaluma branch, places a complete setup on a RocknRoller cart and rolls it out onto the sidewalk next to his sandwich board sign. This allows him to easily move a complete, pre-wired outfit  in and out, while the customer can see how the optional shelf kits provide added versatility. – This is a serious DJ retailer, with brands like Denon, Mackie, Numark, American Audio, Pioneer, Leprecon and, of course, RocknRoller.   - Read More

Band on Wheels?

Outside Tall Toad music store in downtown Petaluma, we find a RocknRoller holding a whole band’s worth of gear, including a Gibson Explorer, Hofner Beatle bass, Yamaha keyboard, old Fender PA, Line 6 amp, Peavey amp, Reunion Blues cymbal bag, couple o’ drums, bongos, monitor mixer, Martin D-28 and look at that KILLER tan 70s Kustom rolled & pleated amp head.   - Read More

Singapore Sings RocknRoller Praises

These guys are all atwitter over the fact that the band’s gear fits on one cart, which fits on their tiny little elevators, making what used to be multiple trips only one. Click HERE for a closer look.  - Read More

How Does RocknRoller Stack Up?

We found this independent video on You Tube, showing how Washington DC photographer John Harrington uses all sorts of carts, and explains the differences. John has the inside track, having taken photos of Bush, Obama, Steven Tyler, Aretha, and members of congress, just for starters. We don’t think this video is intended to be a contest but, as long as we’re watching, we like the vibe. How does RocknRoller stack up? You be the judge.  - Read More

Award-Winning NFL Sound Engineer & RocknRoller!

Check out this full-page advertisement in the February ’09 issue of Popular Mechanics! This was sent to me by RocknRoller inventor Gary-Michael Dahl today. – I did some research on Scott Carter. He’s all over the internet. Judging by this photo of him with his RocknRoller, he has taken the versatility of this amazing equipment cart to new heights.  - Read More

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