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Stack ’em high, sell ’em FAST

This particular display is sitting at the corner of our NAMM exhibit. This is how we are suggesting our dealers display RocknRollers in the store. The boxes serve as a riser and allow the cart on top to be easily inspected at eye-level.   - Read More

Welcome to Winter NAMM 2009

Greetings from the Anaheim NAMM show! It’s Alan, Brett, Dave, Tim and myself running two exhibits and stretched as thin as air… but loving every minute. I’ll do my level best to post some new photos DURING the show. If that’s not possible, you will certainly be getting new product info and videos soon after. Stay tuned.  - Read More

NAMM Booth 5968 – Where Sound Installers, Roadies & DJs Come Together!

RocknRoller has lots of friends in the music products industry. Three of them are American DJ, Roland, and Community Professional Loudspeakers. All three will be featured in the RocknRoller exhibit at the Anaheim NAMM show. These good people are loaning their great gear to us, so visitors can see, first-hand, how RocknRoller is PERFECT for sound installation, back lines and DJs on the go. – Booth 5968.  - Read More

What’s in your RocknRoller?

I know so many musicians who have RocknRollers already. They're everywhere. I use mine to move my PA speakers and powered mixer. The PA is one of those "Crate" brand systems, the ones that look like shipping crates, made with solid, unfinished pine wood.  - It's a real beater but the RocknRoller helps me keep what's left of it in pretty good shape without breaking my back. It also holds my Reunion Blues guitar bag and my equipment bag... no problemo.  - Read More

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