Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am having trouble setting up my RocknRoller Multi-Cart. What should I do?

A: Watch our set-up video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwYkazV4UqA&list=UUXJaIu1evhU4t6qv30VGzew

Q: My cart was not shipped with an owner's manual. How do I get one?

A: The cart assembly instructions/owner's manual can be downloaded from the product page for each cart model.

Q: There are plastic caps on the axle of my cart. Do I need to remove them?

A: Yes, the plastic caps on your cart's axle are there to protect the frame during shipping. You will need to remove these caps to install the rear wheels on your cart.

Q: I have an older Rock N Roller Multi-cart with pneumatic tires that will not hold air. What can I do?

A: We recommend upgrading to the new R-Trac No Flat Tires. These are foam-filled for a smooth pneumatic-like ride without the hassle and upkeep.  https://rocknrollercart.com/collections/wheels

If you'd still like to repair a leak in your pneumatic tires, you can replace the tube. The tubes can be found online at various sites. For the 10" tire the tube size is 3.00 - 4. (That means 3" wide, mounting on a 4" hub.) These tubes are available at:

http://www.powerequipmentandparts.com/innertubes.htmp/n 71-275


(The Harbor Freight tube will probably work, but it's technically a tiny bit larger.)
The tubes for the 8" tires are available at:

http://www.powerequipmentandparts.com/innertubes.htm, part number 79-109, 250/280-4, angled

Q: I just opened my RocknRoller® box and I am missing some parts. What should I do?

A: Be sure to carefully inspect the packing materials for the missing parts. Often the parts will be found hiding somewhere in the box. You should also check the frame for a bag of parts that might be attached there. If you cannot find the missing parts in the box, nestled in the packing materials, or taped to the frame, email us a request for the missing parts. (You can go to the Replacement Part Guide to find the exact parts you need.) Be sure to include which model cart you have, your address and the specific parts you are missing. (SPECIAL NOTE: The push caps are only available for the R2 cart. They are not provided for any other models. Still not sure whether your cart needs a push cap? Here is a good rule of thumb: If there is a hole in the end of the axle, then the wheels get secured with a small cotter pin. No hole = Push Cap. )

Q: I can't install the front casters on the R12. They won't fit in the cups or require some persuasion to install.

A: This problem can have several causes. The most common causes are 1) paint (powder coat) in the cup/socket; 2) drill flash from the hole through the side of the cup; 3) out of round socket. 1 and 2 can usually be fixed with a file or sandpaper. Be sure to wear gloves to prevent cuts from the drill flash. Sometimes the caster stem can also benefit from a quick sanding. It is quite common for the insertion to require a hammer to fully seat the caster in the socket.
Cause #3 requires persuasion with tools and force beyond the scope of most consumers. If your cart has a malformed socket, you should probably request a warranty replacement. Fill out a Warranty Claim Form and follow all of the instructions.

Q: Should the black nylon washers go on the inside or the outside of the rear wheels?

A: While there isn't any definitive right or wrong way to do this, we feel that the nylon washers should go on the axle after the wheels, between the wheel and the cotter pin, which will eliminate any potential friction between the cotter pin and the wheel hub.

Q: The No-Skid tape came off my RocknRoller® cart and won't seem to stick to the frame. What can I do?

A: The frame got some machine oil on it during the manufacturing process. Pull the tape back, wipe the frame clean with a rag with a little alcohol or windex on it. Many times the tape will stick nicely after that. If not, email us for some fresh tape. Just make sure to wipe the frame before applying the new tape.

Q: I am having a hard time getting my wheel to fit onto the axle.

A: If your cart was made before 2008, you have a different size axle. Carts made in 2008 and earlier have an axle diameter of 20mm, and carts made after 2008 have a 19mm axle. Wheels currently sold are designed to fit on the newer 19mm axle size. However, new wheels can be made to fit on older axles with the 20mm diameter by replacing the bearings and bushings in the new wheels with the bushings and bearings from the new old wheels. For more information about how to replace bushings and bearings, please click the link below:

Download Instructions for Replacing Bushings in RocknRoller® Multi-Cart® Wheels

Q: The valve stem on the front caster of my R12 rubs on the forks when I push my cart around. What do I do?

A: Check to see if valve is tight and that cap is screwed on as far as it goes. If it still rubs on the forks try removing cap.

Q: Can I interchange different sized wheels from one cart model to another?

A: Theoretically Yes, though it will off-set the levelness of your cart, creating excess stress and we do not recommend it. Also note; some cart's caster assemblies mount differently to the frame than others. Please note that using third party or non-standard accessories with Rock N Roller Multi-Cartwill invalidate your warranty.

Q: Can I exceed the weight capacity of my cart?

A: The Rock N Roller Multi-Cart weight capacity maximums are estimated in relation to the gauge steel used, welded joint strength, wheel density, and the force needed to move the cart at its capacity. In certain cases a Rock N Roller Multi-Cart may temporarily exceed the weight capacity provided, but the added stress could prematurely fail welds, crack wheels, and bend or crack the frame, not to mention your warranty will be voided. We highly recommend staying at or below the maximum capacity.

Q: I seem to be losing the undercarriage wing bolts in transport. Anything I can do?

A: The under carriage wing bolts are designed to “hug” a particular sized load in transport, when the Rock N Roller Multi-Cart is in its fully extended form. When your cart is fully extended, it’s a good idea to lightly tighten these wing bolts. This will both keep you from losing the wing bolts, as well as create a failsafe guard at the extended position.

Q: How do I assemble my Rock N Roller Multi-Cart?

A: The Rock N Roller Multi-Cart can be easily assembled by one person in about 15 minutes.

Each cart comes with an assembly manual. If you need a copy of this manual you can download it from the product page for your cart model.

We have also created an easy step by step instructional video, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BIQ7-RkQaQ

Q: Is it better to push or pull a Rock n Roller Multi-Cart?

A: While there is no “correct” way to transport a Rock N Roller Cart, there are examples where a different technique might be more beneficial than the other in a given scenario. The advantage to pushing the cart, with the turning wheels towards the user, is that it will give you an easier mechanical advantage, and also tighter turning capabilities. The trade-off will be less control over your load, and harder time through doorways, over thresholds, and climbing stairs. Pulling the cart, with the turning wheels towards you, will be a bit more labor intensive, though will allow the cart to freely follow behind you making your travels through doorways, up door thresholds, and climbing stairs a bit easier. It will also give you a bit more control over your load as you pull it. Note never stack beyond the given cart’s weight capacity, and always try to pull the lowest as possible on the frame, to prevent handle bending/failure.

Q: Where do I buy replacement parts?

A: We offer every serviceable part for each model we manufacture here: http://rocknroller-multicart.myshopify.com/collections/parts. Also you may check our dealer locater to find a stocking part dealer near you: http://rocknroller-multicart.myshopify.com/pages/international-distributors

Q: Is my cart under Warranty?

A: All Rock N Roller Multi-Carts, are covered under a 1 year limited warranty against defective material or workmanship on basic frame and components. Casters and wheels carry a 60 day warranty against defects. Modification or use of third-party accessories will invalidate the warranty. If you’re still unsure as to whether your cart is under warranty please send us an email (subject line: Rock n Roller Multi-Cart - Warranty Request) to info@rocknrollercart.com

Q: What’s the real difference between an R10RT and a R12RT?

A: The R10RT and R12RT use very similar frames, extend to the same length, and have the same weight capacities, though the R12RT’s larger wheel diameter casters, allow it to roll across gravel, sand, wet lawn, rocks, and just about anything it comes in contact with. For this reason we recommend the R12RT for all heavy outdoor use, or unequal terrains.

Q: Which cart is the best for me?

A: While any of our Rock n Roller Multi-Carts should benefit you, picking the right one is an important decision. You can compare all cart models using our chart located here: https://rocknrollercart.com/pages/compare-rocknroller-multi-cart-models