Product Reviews

The Most Critically Acclaimed Carts Ever!

“...vastly superior to any moving aid we’ve ever seen…”

“...the most innovative cart or dolly we’ve seen in 30 years…”

“...the best...exceptionally rugged and quite maneuverable…”

“...I’ve discovered the best of all wheeled worlds in the Rock N Roller…”

“...a great investment…”

“ single product offers the flexibility, functionality, and portability of the Rock N Roller.”

“...great has gotten even greater.”

“I’m still trying to figure out where this thing has been all my life.”

“I unloaded my gear and simply folded up the cart and placed it in the corner of my room, wondering how something so small can transport so much.”

As Seen in: Modern Drummer, Gleason corp. rep, Mobile Beat, DJ Times, DJ Times, Modern Drummer, Modern Drummer